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1. Article: Buying Homes In A Foreclosure Market
2. Featured & New Listings
3. Article: Inexpensive Things to Do to Help Sell Your House
4. Article: How Landscaping Can Help Sell Your House


Buying Homes In A Foreclosure Market
By Dave Jackson

What credit crunch? That’s what many home buyers with solid
credit and enough money for the down payment are saying during
the current downturn in the real estate market. They are much
better positioned than they were before the market turned down.

And now, even the 30 year fixed mortgage rate is at a low.
Home prices almost everywhere have fallen. If you want to buy a
home, and you have the credit qualifications, it’s a great time
to buy.

So what changed?

Because of the housing slowdown, mortgage rates have dropped.
Since houses aren’t selling, lenders are doing everything they
can to entice buyers, including low lending rates. Treasury
securities and the housing slowdown helped force mortgage rates

Home prices are lower now than last year, and down in most
states according to the National Association of Realtors.
Buyers with sound credit have a ton of bargaining power. For
some, real estate appraisals are producing lower home values,
allowing buyers to renegotiate the price.

Lenders fear the subprime market crisis will continue, but
still some offer jumbo loans. Community and national banks have
stepped in to offer these. They can fund them with customer
deposits. Many lenders have abandoned these jumbo loans.

Finally, rates on ARM’s, which are almost always based on
Treasury yields, have fallen. This brings prices down all

Think – what better time than now to buy that home you’ve been
putting off for so long. Now is the time because it probably
won’t get much better than this.

First, find your credit score. You can do this easily and
online. Secondly, shop the local lenders first. See if they
can offer you a loan that may start out low, but not get out of
hand down the road. Then take the time to ponder the market.
Make sure you are knowledgeable about what is going on and think
of ways you can take advantage of it.

It always makes sense to contact a real estate attorney before
you commit to a long term loan. These real estate lawyers can
help you figure out if later on you can actually afford the
payments of a jumbo type loan.

About the Author: Dave Jackson writes about foreclosures on his
website {{LINK “”}} . For more information
on buying in a foreclosure market, contact Dave at his site.

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Inexpensive Things to Do to Help Sell Your House
By Preston Guyton

Your home is one of your most important investments, so when it
comes time to finally sell you want to make sure that you get
the highest sales price. There are many effective ways to
increase the value of your home in a quick and inexpensive
manner. Follow these tips for a few inexpensive things to do to
help sell your house, and you are guaranteed to have buyers see
your home in its best light.

Clean, Clean, Clean

The single easiest thing you can do to prepare your home for
selling is to give it an extensive and thorough cleaning. Take
this time to take everything out of your closet, scrub all the
walls, and make sure the home looks and smells completely clean.
Think of a spring cleaning taken to an even higher level because
a clean home will show buyers that you have maintained and cared
for the home they might want to buy. A dingy home will receive
offers that are thousands of dollars less than the same home
that is clean, so make sure that every inch of the house shines
like its new.

Reduce the Clutter

After years of living in a home your closets and garage are
probably full. One of the best ways to make your home look more
spacious is to take all of that unneeded clutter and put it in a
temporary storage unit. This won’t cost you much money, but it
will completely change the feel of the home because it will
appear more open and clean. Additionally, it is a great way to
get started on the packing up process, so that you can move out
of the home more quickly after it sells.


Your home can be a big part of your identity. Personalized
decoration choices are a great way to show off your style and
let people know who you are. Unfortunately, when it comes to
selling your home you don’t want to highlight your tastes
because you want the buyers to picture themselves in the home.
Put away those leopard prints and bold colors, and go for
something a little more neutral.

New Coat of Paint

One of the most effective ways to inexpensively update the look
of your home is to add a new coat of paint. Keep in mind that
when it comes to selling you want to make sure that you choose
warm neutral colors that will appeal to the broadest number of
people. Toning down the bright colors in the children’s rooms
will help buyers focus on the space in the room as opposed to
being scared off by bright pinks or greens.

These tips cost little or no money to follow and will have a
big impact on the sale of your house. Scrub everything, get rid
of the clutter, tone down the decor, and throw on a new coat of
paint to really make your house stand out and look its best.

About the Author: Preston Guyton is a Realty and Custom Home
Builder serving the Murrells Inlet Real Estate Market. For more
information on Murrells Inlet homes and properties, contact
Preston today and visit {{LINK “”}}

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How Landscaping Can Help Sell Your House
By Preston Guyton

Today’s difficult real estate environment makes it more
important than ever that your home stands out when you go to
sell it. First impressions matter, which is why your house’s
landscaping has a big impact on the perceived value of the home.
Let’s take a look at how landscaping can help sell your house.

Curb Appeal

The moment that a potential buyer pulls up to your home and
takes a look for the first time they make a decision as to
whether or not they can see themselves living in the house. A
beautiful first impression of lush landscaping and a well
manicured lawn will let the buyers know that you have loved and
cared for the home. On the other hand, poorly maintained shrubs
and plantings, along with a yard full of weeds, will lead the
buyer to look for a different house, or question the general
upkeep of the home.

Established Shrubs, Trees, and Plantings Sets Home Apart

While homes can easily be remodeled and updated in a short
amount of time, it is impossible to create established
landscaping in less than several years or even decades if you
are talking about larger trees and shrubs. For this reason, your
landscaping can really set your home apart because it is one of
the few areas that requires a good deal of time to get right and
reach maturity. Even if your yard and plantings are only a few
years old, well planned landscaping gives the new buyers the
benefit of not having to make many changes to the outside of the
home. Many homeowners are too busy in their daily lives to
devote their time and money to large home projects. Your well
defined landscaping plan will appeal strongly to buyers who want
a move in ready home that requires little additional work.

Landscape Lighting Opens Up Outdoor Areas

Landscaping is not just about plants. Landscape lighting is
another way to improve the value of your home because it extends
the curb appeal factor to the night time and opens up the areas
that can be enjoyed around the home. I simple layout of solar
path lighting and ground spot lights that create artful shadows
against the brickwork, shrubs, and trees around the home is
inexpensive and easy to install. Lighting around a deck or patio
area brings your home’s living space outside, and puts the
thought of backyard parties and barbecues in the minds of the

Landscaping can have a big impact on the buyer’s interest in
your home. Now that you understand how landscaping can help you
sell your house it is important to make the most of what you
have. Older homes with established yards and shrubs should be
manicured to take advantage of the mature landscaping, while new
homes can utilize an attractive landscape plan that will allow
the new buyers to see the yards potential, while not requiring
them to put in a lot of work.

About the Author: Preston Guyton is a Realtor and Custom Home
Builder serving the Myrtle Beach Real Estate Market. For more
information on Myrtle Beach homes and properties, contact
Preston today and visit {{LINK “”}}

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