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1. Article: Home Inspection Tip—Five Home Maintenance Areas That Can Snag
the Sale of Your Home
2. Featured & New Listings
3. Article: Use Home Improvement Loans To Increase Your Home’s Value
4. Article: How to Stage Your Home – The Five Best Interior Design Tips to
Help You Sell It!


Home Inspection Tip—Five Home Maintenance Areas That Can Snag
the Sale of Your Home
By David Haigh

The last thing you want when you’re selling your home is to
discover problems that could jeopardize the sale. While a home
inspection will reveal the condition of your home, you won’t
have to be afraid of issues that come up if you’ve kept your
home wel maintained. With good home maintenance you can avoid
some of the most common imperfections and problems found by home

Home maintenance tasks are often put off for various reasons,
such as lack of time, lack of money, or simply lack of interest.
However, when it comes time to sell your home and you know
buyers are looking, it’s time to take care of business.

The little things that nag you may be major issues to a
prospective home buyer, and they could cost you the sale. You
can eliminate the vast majority of problems and stress by
checking on five important areas.

1. Dirty filter and coils in the furnace, air conditioning or
heat pump system. Having your heating and cooling system
serviced by a professional once a year should take care of this
problem. You should also clean or replace filters every one to
three months, depending on the requirements of your system. This
is important for long life of your unit, efficiency, fuel
savings, and the assurance you’ll have proper heating and
cooling in your home.

2. Poor Caulking of Ceramic Tile in the Tub and Shower Area. It
can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace a rotted
shower wall. You can avoid this by caulking tiled areas for a
few dollars. If you can see a crack in the calk or grout, you
know it’s large enough for water to get in.

3. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) not Functioning
properly. Those electrical outlets with the “Press” and “Test”
buttons are GFCI’s. They’re very important in reducing or
preventing the chance of electrocution. Push the “Test” button
to see if the GFCI’s are working as they should. If not, they’re
inexpensive to replace and should only take about fifteen
minutes to install. If you have questions or concerns, call a
professional electrician.

4. Wood rot. This is a big one, and it can snag the sale of
your home. What inspector wouldn’t love to report that a home is
free of wood rot and structural damage? Selling your home can be
made simpler and more enjoyable if you are knowledgeable about
preventative maintenance. For example, have a good moisture
barrier under the crawl space. Keep an eye out for leaks around
windows, doors and the roof.

5. Amateur Workmanship. Did you weekend handyman brother-in-law
help you remodel the kitchen last year? When amateurs do home
projects, often the materials used aren’t right for the intended
purpose, or they’re of poor quality, or both. Inspections are
seldom performed or permits obtained when such projects are done
by amateurs. Unfortunately amateur work can complicate a

Be sure to keep your home in good shape to make things go
smoothly for your home inspector and for the selling process as
a whole. You’ll be glad you did.

About the Author: You’ve carefully selected the home you’re
buying. Make sure you’re as careful when selecting your home
inspector. Author David Haigh is a professional home inspector
in NJ. Click now to view a free sample report of a New Jersey
home inspection (


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Use Home Improvement Loans To Increase Your Home’s Value
By Joe R. Maldonado

Many people have homes that require a significant amount of
improvement, and in order to be able to afford them it becomes
necessary for many people to apply for home improvement loans.
It takes a significant amount of money to finance most home
improvements, whether you are planning to remodel your bathroom
or modernize your kitchen. There is now a great deal of options
for people to choose from when it comes to financing, which is
why it becomes so important to avoid rushing into any decision
regarding your loan. You want to make sure that the financing
you are getting is going to be optimal for your financial needs
as well as your renovation requirements.

One of the most important things to consider is the overall
price of the renovations in comparison to the amount of value
that they will add to your home. If you come to the conclusion
that it will cost you more to do the renovations than the amount
of value that they are going to be adding to your property, you
will have to reconsider your decision and determine if it is
really going to be necessary to complete these renovations.

In many cases, people are planning to put their home up for
sale once the renovations are complete. It will of course become
necessary to ensure that any work that has been done on your
property will come along with some sort of guarantee or
warranty. This is why it is always better to go with a
contractor that has a good reputation.

Make sure that you also take the time to do a little comparison
shopping when it comes to the rates you are offered on home
improvement loans. It will be just as important for you to save
money as it is to improve your home. When it comes to doing work
on your heating system or getting new insulation, you may want
to first find out whether or not you would be eligible for a
grant. If you can save money on this aspect of your home
improvements, it will free up more of your finances to put
towards other improvements that your home may need.

You may want to consider getting a secured loan for your home
improvements. This is a type of loan that will come in addition
to your initial mortgage. You can get a lower interest rate on
these loans, and they can be spread out over a longer period of
time. This means that your monthly payments are going to be
lower. However, you have to keep in mind that if you end up
defaulting on this loan, your lender will have the right to take
possession of your home because you will have used it as
collateral. This is why you must take all things into
consideration before getting a loan like this, and make sure
that you are going to be able to afford your payments. Home
improvement loans are great because you can increase your
property value, but you must always be sure that you are going
to have payments that you can afford.

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How to Stage Your Home – The Five Best Interior Design Tips to
Help You Sell It!
By Amely Wurmbrand

When putting your house up for sale, you’ll want it to sell
fast and at a high price. Any interior designer in Seattle, New
York, or any other major city would stress one thing – you have
no control over who views your home, but you can have an effect
on how they feel when they see your house and how much they are
willing to pay for it. Here are
five important tips that will help influence your buyers:

1. Color
The colors on your walls will instantly convey certain feelings
to potential buyers when they enter your rooms. The best colors
to attract them will be neutral, muted shades which will be
gentle on their eyes and allow them to picture adding their own
colors later. Stronger colors that you have chosen because of
your own tastes, e.g, red or dark blue, are worth painting over.
Be careful when choosing white as a color for your new coat of
paint – it can sometimes convey a sterile look. Instead, opt for
an off-white color which is warmer to look at.

2. Furnishings
Rooms that are cluttered are very unappealing to buyers. In
contrast, a room which has minimal furnishings appeals larger
and allows people to imagine adding their own belongings to the
room. De-clutter by either selling items you may no longer want
or placing them in storage until you move to your new home.

3. Repairs and Updates
Look around your home and see what repairs you can do to
improve its overall look. Perhaps a worn carpet is worth
replacing as it makes the whole room look run down too. Or you
might want to touch up the scratches on your bedroom doors or
fix the loose tiles in the kitchen. Spending money on these
things will help it look much better and may even increase how
much a person is willing to pay because of the newer features.
It will also make your house appear well-cared for which a buyer
will be attracted to.

4. Tricks to Help
Understanding a buyer’s psychology will help you know where to
focus your interior design efforts. The entrance is the first
place they see, so you’ll want to pay some attention to this
space to help create a good first impression. Some people are
very particular about their kitchen and bathroom spaces, so make
these areas look clean and
inviting. Also, add props such as flowers and plants to
brighten up a room where needed and remove personal photos so
that spaces don’t appear like they belong to someone else.

5. Get help if you can
If your budget permits, hire an interior designer who will give
you tips and advice about what your particular home needs to
become more attractive to buyers. Paying for professional advice
could be an investment which helps your home sell faster and for
a better price.

If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to post it to
your site or blog and forward this link to your friends. Have a
great day!

Don’t forget to visit my interior design blog.

About the Author: Amely Wurmbrand is nationally-recognized for
both her West Coast and Seattle interior design work. Amely and
her team work closely with clients to reflect their
personalities and lifestyles through innovative and
sophisticated designs. You may browse her unique designs at


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